Armed Forces Covenant: benefit not burden

More than 3,000 employers have now signed the Armed Forces Covenant, pledging their support to the Armed Forces Community - though a promising number, findings from a recent report have shown there is still a significant lack of awareness and understanding of the Covenant and its role in society.   

The soft skills that make ex-military personnel the strongest candidates

A recent study by undercover recruiter found that employers are putting greater emphasis on soft skills when identifying the the strongest candidates. Their research shows that 92% of UK talent professionals say ‘soft skills matter as much or more than hard skills and 35% believe hard skills will become less important in the next five years’. For ex-military personnel this is great news. Service men and women have a number of transferable, in-demand soft skills and experience employers are looking for in the best candidates.

How To Support your Ex-Military Employees’ Career Advancement

A recent report by Deloitte, Veterans Work: Moving on Report, found that 70% of veterans under 30 say 'career progression' is the most important factor when searching for a civilian job. Ex-military talent want to work for a company that will help them reach their career goals so it is important to not only attract military job seekers - but also for retention, to show you are committed to supporting your employees’ career advancement.

Employers are the key to helping veterans meet their true potential

The Government recently launched its first ever UK-wide ‘Strategy for our Veterans’, with the vision of helping those who have served and their families transition smoothly back in to civilian life and contribute fully to society.