Filling The Skills Gap: Project Manager

Many veterans have project management experience—just under a different name. The challenge is in the translation and repackaging of their skill sets so that hiring managers spot their skills.

Project Experience

How does military experience add value to commercial projects?

  • Trained and experienced in the military ‘estimate and planning’ process

  • Relentless mission focus, results driven

  • Coordinating military activity is core to all military planning

  • Negotiating with rival stakeholders in the most challenging situations

  • Military operations instil adaptability, flexibility and resourcefulness

  • Understanding and managing risk

  • Experience of military IT, construction, engineering and change projects

Soft Skills

  • Well developed leadership skills

  • Willingness to take ownership

  • The ability to understand complex problems, develop practical solutions and implement them

  • Negotiation skills, often developed in high pressure situations

  • The ability to get things done

  • Stakeholder management

  • Team skills - building, leading, contributing

  • Calmness under pressure

Hard Skills

  • Understanding of project management methodologies e.g. PRINCE, APMP, Agile, CEng, ICE etc

  • IT and Technical skills - proficient in the use of Project, Excel and standard software packages

  • Budget Management experience

  • Risk and crisis management experience

In Conclusion...

Military Veterans make great Commercial Project Leaders who can:

  • Understand and manage complexity

  • Architect and implement a solution

  • Analyse and solve problems

  • Unite stakeholders around a common purpose

  • Deliver results, on time, on budget and to the highest professional standards

  • Calmly and effectively