Free toolkit to help develop your Armed Forces recruitment strategy


If you’re looking to hire ex-military personnel then our free toolkit, Capitalising on military talent: How to develop an Armed Forces friendly recruitment practice, offers a range of practical suggestions to help you attract, recruit and retain ex-military talent.

A Great Resource For Your Armed Forces Recruitment Programme

The military talent toolkit guides you through a three-step programme with detailed guidance on how to develop and implement veteran employment programmes.

The Three Steps For Armed Forces Recruitment - Prepare, Hire, Grow

  • Step 1 - help prepare military talent for civilian employment through job fairs, insight days, practical work experience.

  • Step 2 - hire the best military talent by developing military-friendly recruitment practice. Train your recruiters and hiring managers to understand and value military experience.

  • Step 3 - grow your military talent by having a supportive on-boarding process and clear progression routes.

Helping To Understand The Unique Value Veterans Can Offer Your Business

Veterans come with a wide range of soft and hard skills easily translatable into civilian employment and can help to fill the skills gaps affecting many businesses. Many employers are missing out on this talent stream because of a lack of knowledge about the military or negative preconceptions.

How To Create A Holistic & Sustainable Military Employment Programme

  • Join the dots between the three elements, prepare, hire & grow, to create a holistic and sustainable military employment programme.

  • Set clear objectives for the programme and put steps in place to record and evaluate impact.

  • Share best practice and experiences with other employers

Learn From The Success Of Existing Armed Forces Recruitment Programmes

Developed with input from leading employers, this veterans recruitment toolkit will equip you with the knowledge and expertise needed to set up an effective ex-military employment programme.

Loyal, Skilled And Committed Employees Can Be Yours

Employers making the extra effort to support veterans into meaningful second careers will be rewarded with loyal, skilled and committed employees.

Tip - Have You Got Any Military Already Working For You?

Don’t know much about the military environment? Tap into any ex-military you may already have working for you for advice. If you’re able to then designate a senior Armed Forces champion within your business.

A Toolkit From Military Recruitment Experts

The military recruitment toolkit has been created by BITC Scotland in partnership with SaluteMyJob.

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