Military Success Stories

Skills, leadership and ex-military talent

Barely a week goes by without skills shortages in the UK economy hitting the headlines, which are predicted only to grow as a result of Brexit and other significant economic events.

Another common theme in the news recently is the importance of building leadership development to support the growth of businesses. But what could solve both these problems? The ex-military talent pool.

Cyber Success Story: Former Military Policeman making his mark in Santander

Are you ex-military and looking at Financial Crime as your next career move? Be inspired by our case study with former Military Policeman, Tawanda Tahwa who successfully completed SaluteMyJob, IBM and the Corsham Institutes i2 training course - and is now making his mark with one of the world’s leading banks as a Transaction Monitoring Analyst.

From Regimental Sergeant Major to Senior Safety and Risk Advisor

A quarter of a century spent meeting the highest safety standards as a soldier in the 1st Battalion Scots Guards meant Gary Cullen was ideally suited to a career in health and safety. After leaving the army as a Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM), he is now a senior safety and risk advisor at leading fresh produce company G’s.

From Royal Marine Commando to contractor at Satisnet

Neil Luke is a former Sergeant in the Royal Marines who left in 2015 after 13-years of exemplary service. He left not knowing what career path to take but came across the free Cyber Security Training Course, run by SaluteMyJob, in partnership with IBM and the Corsham Institute. After completing the course, he knew he wanted to pursue a career in cybersecurity. The former Royal Marine Commando is now working as a contractor at Satisnet on a large scale project to implement an information security management system.

From Sergeant in the Intelligence Corps - to Intelligence Analyst at a leading UK insurer

Pete Durbin always wanted to join the Army and enlisted in the Intelligence Corps when he was 19. He left in 2016 as a Sergeant after 11-years exemplary military service. Pete is now working as an Intelligence Analyst at a leading UK insurer - and credits completing SaluteMyJob, IBM and the Corsham Institutes i2 analyst training as a reason for gaining such a highly-sought-after role.