Transferable Skills

Filling The Skills Gap: Facilities Management

Facilities Management is a role that can be directly transferred from the military to a commercial setting. Military buildings and their services need managing, whether they are in the UK, abroad or in a hostile environment. What sets military professionals apart from their civilian counterparts is the life experience they gain whilst serving in the Armed Forces. The training undertaken and extreme pressure they have routinely been under  instills a drive to succeed and a will to meet the highest of standards.

Filling The Skills Gap: Cyber

Ex-military cyber experts have extensive experience in protecting multiple assets, both in the UK and in hostile environments, and as a result they have developed a deep seated security mentality.  It is their soft skills combined with their experience that has created the high demand for military veterans to join cyber and security business teams.

Filling The Skills Gap: Engineering

Ex-Military engineers are qualified and experienced in a breadth of engineering specialties including; civil engineering, aircraft engineering (avionics and mechanical), marine engineering, automotive engineering and systems engineering. In addition to technical expertise, military engineering professionals also bring a wealth of unique ‘soft’ skills to commercial employers. These are skills they have solidified through arduous military training and subsequent experience in barracks and overseas.  

Filling The Skills Gap: IT & Comms

A career in the military can teach everything from managing communication security to running a wireless network.   Individuals supervise IT training, plan IT operations and put them into practice whilst managing security policies. They also work alongside civilian companies when new IT systems are being introduced. The USP of veterans is that they can do all of this in the most pressurised of environments, in austere conditions, away from the comforts of a ‘9 - 5’. Their role can change regularly and at short notice. These soft skills, in addition to their technical expertise, makes veterans ideal candidates for a position in the demanding world of IT and comms. 

Filling The Skills Gap - Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineers and Electrical Engineering Managers possess a wide range of technical skills. Some engineers will enter the military with only their GCSEs and commence an NVQ accredited apprenticeship to work their way up through the ranks, whereas others may hold an accredited technical degree and enter service directly at a managerial level.