The soft skills that make ex-military personnel the strongest candidates



A recent study by undercover recruiter found that employers are putting greater emphasis on soft skills when identifying the strongest candidates. Their research shows that 92% of UK talent professionals say ‘soft skills matter as much or more than hard skills and 35% believe hard skills will become less important in the next five years’. For ex-military personnel this is great news. Service men and women have a number of transferable, in-demand soft skills and experience employers are looking for in the best candidates.

  1. INTEGRITY. Integrity is one of the core values entrenched in all members of the Armed Forces from day one and is essential for the Forces to operate effectively.

  2. LEADERSHIP. Service men and women are trained to lead by example, through delegation and inspiration, in at times challenging environments.

  3. COMMUNICATION SKILLS.  Military personnel are highly experienced and confident in communicating with great efficiency with people from all walks of life.

  4. MOTIVATION. Motivation to succeed is something that is instilled in military personnel from day one of training.

  5. PERFORM UNDER PRESSURE. Most veterans will have had to perform their jobs under some highly stressful and at times dangerous environments – from battlefields – to tough training exercises.

  6. TEAMWORK. Service men and women are experienced at working in a team and teamwork is a vital skill needed within the Armed Forces.

  7. PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS. Uniquely, members of the Armed Forces will most likely have to solve a problem every day in their job and have to do so quickly, efficiently and on a deadline.

  8. PROFESSIONALISM AND RESPECT. Former Service men and women in their careers have come to value a high level of professionalism and a huge amount of respect for their colleagues and leaders.

  9. ADAPTABILITY.  Ex-military personnel must learn to adapt to working in different and sometimes, extreme environments, and are skilled in doing so.

  10. ‘CAN DO’ ATTITUDE. This is a soft skill often associated with ex-military personnel. The ability to get on with the job in hand and do so with the best of their ability.

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