Military solutions to your cyber recruitment problem

Former Service men and women and reservists have extensive training and experience in military security, which is directly transferable to information security. Military training includes a structured approach to planning and problem solving, risk management, incident and crisis management, use of initiative and, not least, keeping calm under pressure - all attributes of value to protect your company from the growing cyber threat.

In addition, military service brings ‘mission focus’ - rigorous pursuit of the team goal, to the highest professional standards - team skills (both as a leader and a contributor) and a strong work ethic. With so many companies struggling to fill cyber security skills gaps, we at SMJ Consulting Services believe there is a net gain for employers to attract and recruit ex-military personal to fill in-demand cyber security roles within their organisation.

The growing demand for skilled people within this sector highlights why the cyber security industry needs military skills more than ever. Global demand for cyber security experts is forecast to outstrip supply by a third before the end of the decade. Our talented pool of ex-forces experts can help plug skills gaps in the industry and their unique and transferable skills would be a great asset to any organisation.

SMJ, in partnership with IBM and the Corsham institute has assessed the aptitude and trained over 250 transitioning and former Service men and women on three of IBM’s security tools.

Along with their military or network operations centre experience, these IBM-certified Threat Intelligence Analysts, Data Analysts and Incident Managers are ideally suited for employment in your SOC at both analyst and manger level. More senior and experienced people are readily employable in Information Assurance, security consultancy, policy and compliance roles, as well as Security Officers or Cyber Risk Managers.

In the future, our innovative Veterans Cyber Employment Accelerator (VCEA) programme will set up a pipeline of talented and committed service leavers to provide companies with the skilled workers they need to go forward in the increasingly cyber-focused business world.


  • Meet former Military Policeman Tawanda Tahwa and find out why his new employers at Santander thought he was a perfect fit for their business.

  • Communications specialist Jasmine Eyers took her military skills and drive to succeed to land a cyber job immediately after leaving the Army.


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