Engagement, leadership & communications

We can help you to develop solutions to drive productivity and impact positively on your bottom line. Our ex-military consultants can help your leaders and future leaders to inspire others, earn respect and communicate effectively internally and externally.

We can work with you to transform your team and help you unlock the full, untapped potential of those that you lead.



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We can offer you three leadership programmes:

  • Senior and Executive Team Development - helping to transform your team to help you go from good to great, and beyond.

  • Leadership Development Programme - improving the leadership capability of your organisation.

  • The Intensive Care Programme - helping you move your team from the truly dysfunctional, to the high performing.



We can help:

  • Your leaders articulate your organisational strategy;

  • Plan & prioritise the actions with the biggest impact;

  • Measure the effectiveness of your communications against industry standards.;

  • Equip your leaders to be effective listeners and communicators.


We can help:

  • Improve the 3 key drivers of engagement;

  • With the tools to measure engagement and implement the actions to improve any issues arising - at all levels in your organisation;

  • Drive behaviour change to improve performance.